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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bonus joke, free of charge

Today is your lucky day, you get a bonus joke at no charge. Now, this is really better suited to be told over a meal, in person, perhaps in a dimly lit restaurant with some wine (thanks Bob!). But we will see how it flies over the internet. I think it is hilarious.
So this guy from New York City, this banker, decides he has had enough of the city life and moves out to rural Wyoming to start afresh.

As he is unloading boxes into his new cabin, a rusty old pickup truck comes over the hill in a cloud of dust, coming from the direction of his nearest neighbor's house, which is about a mile away. The truck rattles to a stop and a gruff old man gets out.

"Howdy," the old man says. "I am your neighbor and I wanted to invite you over for a little party this evening at my house."

The man is glad that the locals are so friendly here and agrees to come by that night.

"Uh, before I go, I gotta warn you that, this party I am having," the old man says, "Well, there may be some drinking."

The man shrugs, "You know, coming from New York, I went to a lot of cocktail parties and bars...I have no problem with that. Sounds like fun, actually."

The old man pauses, and then says, "Well, and there may be some fighting too."

"Well, I grew up in the Bronx and have experience with that," says the man. "I can hold my own. Thanks for the warning."

Old man is quiet for a minute.

"And, uh, well...there may be some sex."

"Umm, okaaay. You know, I've walked through Times Square, seen prostitutes, not gonna bother me," says the New Yorker. "So I guess I'll see you this evening, then. By the way, I haven't unpacked everything yet - what should I wear?"

Old man turns as he is getting into his truck. "Wear whatever you like. It's just gonna be you and me."



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