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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Lovecats (covered) :: Go and throw all the songs we know into the sea

I do not love cats by any means. Kittens, sure, and I've met a few decent cats but their overall redeeming qualities were their dog-like traits. The musical Cats also is something I never ever need to see.

This is my own personal seventh circle of burning hell.

However recently I was listening to the fine new Luke Doucet album (loved the last one) and found myself enjoying the twangy creativity of his cover of the 1983 Cure song "The Lovecats." It is a challenging song to cover, because it's so weird that really only Robert Smith and his eyelinerness can pull it off. I shuffled around to the sexy OK Go version of it (noble effort), then Googled out a few others. So now you can hear the lines, "We should have each other to tea, we should have each other with cream" through a variety of different lenses. Including (?!) Paul Anka, as much as that makes your skin crawl.

The Lovecats - Luke Doucet
The Lovecats - OK Go
The Lovecats - Paul Anka
The Lovecats - Jamie Cullum & Katie Melua
The Lovecats - Tricky

The original: The Lovecats - The Cure

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At July 10, 2008 8:10 AM, Blogger tumbling upwards said...

sorry, i really cannot bring myself to listen to paul anka ... tried but ... urgh. i think the original is second to none of them.

At July 21, 2008 8:22 PM, Blogger Robert Cass said...

Thanks for these! "The Lovecats" has always been my favorite Cure song. I even wanted to name a movie "The Lovecats" when I was much younger. It would've been bad for the song's reputation, but I swear I meant well at 15.


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