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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eels contest winners

I just got a package in the mail this very afternoon with the two new Eels CDs and I must say that these are the finest and most intriguing liner notes I've read in a long time. They readlly put a good deal of thought into this album. In addition to cool scans of all kinds of memorabilia, E comments on each of the 24 tracks on the best-of collection, and all 50 songs on the rarities comp. So necessary.

If you are a serious fan, you'll get all excited-like on your insides reading his stories behind how he wrote all these tunes ("Jon Brion came over to my house and decided we were going to conduct an experiment where I'd go downstairs for 30 minutes and write a song and he would do the same upstairs. This is what I wrote.") and the notes on the recording ("I should have been a bongo player. My girlfriend sometimes played the celeste on this one. Sometimes you gotta let Yoko have a little bit of the spotlight.")

The new fan will be enticed to take a listen by reading over what he says, because E wields his words sharply and incisively, and is an entertaining storyteller. As he says at the end of the notes for the best-of collection, "Casual users: if you've enjoyed this enough, perhaps I'll see you over in the USELESS TRINKETS aisle for more." I think you should go.

#1 - jay strange (thanks for the story jay)
#2 - Kari
#3 - Scott/sml1771

All the comment entries were so wonderful to read and only made me appreciate the lyrics of E's tunes even more. I kept saying, "Oh yeah! I forgot about that line!" Read em over. Or read E's All-Time Favorite Joyous Songs:

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At January 23, 2008 6:51 AM, Anonymous sml1771 said...

Thank you SO much Heather !!! Your now my absolute favorite blog. I read many websites, but none have ever given me anything in return for reading them, until now. You've made me a very happy person.

I wish you love and happiness.


At January 26, 2008 3:40 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Ooh, I love E's joyous songs. (And I've stayed at that hotel...to die!)


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