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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rosewood Thieves: Folk Music In The Back Room

My friend Dr. Mooney has been instrumental in turning me on to the fine burnished sounds of New York's Rosewood Thieves [initial post], and keeping me informed on their musical progression. I'd like to thank him for this most recent bonanza: A complete live set from their residency at Pianos, showcasing material both new and old. These kids have two EPs out now: From The Decker House (V2) and their latest independent EP release, Lonesome (just out June 6 but I can't find it anywhere yet). They are in the final stages of mixing their full-length album expected out sometime later this year. Watch the live performance video here and snag the mp3s below. I really like the rich retro sounds coming from these guys (plus gal).

[video direct link]

Folk Music In The Back Room
June 13, 2007 @ Pianos
Untitled #2
Murder Ballad In G Minor
Demo Film #1 (I think this goes with a video short on their MySpace)
Back Home To Harlem
Untitled #3
California Moon
Mad Man



At July 29, 2007 12:57 PM, Blogger Doctor Mooney said...

Thanks, thanks & thanks for the link and spreadin' the word about these guys!!! What do you think of the new material?

As for their second EP "Lonesome", it's not quite done. Tis in the mastering phase right now. The "Digital Acetates" sound splendid! Should be out soon! I will hopefully have some news to pass on to you sometime soon!



At July 30, 2007 7:31 AM, Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

Just a quick note from the UK to say that I love your blog and read it all the time. You have English fans. Please keep posting.

At July 31, 2007 11:32 AM, Blogger Jack the Rabbit said...

really like these guys...and i don't even like the beatles.

At August 02, 2007 2:11 PM, Blogger Tony said...

Heather. Thanks for keeping us in touch with the Thieves.. I hope they make it so we can see them in London soon.. Your blog is, as always my daily read... Tony from London-England! (as your countrymen like to say)


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