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Friday, September 29, 2006

Unreleased & live from Tom Luce

Luce is an excellent band out of San Francisco that writes melodic, well-crafted tunes, and whose two albums (self-titled and Never Ending) I have listened to a lot lately. I wrote a few weeks ago about how all the band's equipment was stolen this summer while they were on tour, and then for a double-whammy, a fire gutted the apartment of lead singer Tom Luce (who is truly one of the nicest & sincerest guys you'll meet).

They are appearing at a benefit concert tomorrow night, which I am pleased to report is sold out. Tom Luce appeared on the KFOG Morning Show on Monday and the response to their upcoming show has been phenomenal.

Here's a track from that acoustic performance, this is one of my favorite songs from their first album, and this performance is just devastatingly gorgeous. If you haven't heeded my call to listen to them in the past, start with this wistful little gem that's going on repeat for me today:

After Tomorrow - Tom Luce
Live on the KFOG Morning Show, 9/25/06

If you live in NorCal and don't already have your tix to the Luce show tomorrow, but want to support the band, there is also a cool eBay auction with a few neat items up for bids, including a Blue Sage Poets CD (the original name of Luce) and a backstage/hang-out-with-the-guys pass for the show. If you did get tickets, there's a silent auction at the event as well, with additional swag like 3 private guitar lessons with Tom Luce and a demo CD of never-released songs from him.

Tom was kind enough to send me one of those unreleased demo solo songs from the CD that is being auctioned (silently). He wrote it with Charlie Colin -- former guitarist/bassist from the band Train, who has collaborated on both Luce albums. Check out this lovely track -- it's got a nice solid beat and a catchy anthemic chorus. Tom says it may be re-done or rewritten, he's not sure, but for now, I like it a lot:

Liars - Tom Luce (with Charlie Colin from Train)

Nice pic. Aye-aye, captain.
They're even more fun in real life (but I haven't gone sailing with 'em).



At October 02, 2006 7:11 PM, Anonymous Lauren said...

This weekend I went out and bought the new Lemonheads record as well as Luce's Never Ending, both at your recommendation, and I must say I went 2 for 2. I'm really loving "Fortunately, I" today. Keep up the awesome work.


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