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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"Bullets don't have no eyes"

You know, every day I learn something new. For instance, today I watched the Live With Regis and Kelly from last week where Chris Isaak filled in for Reeg as guest co-host, and I came away with a valuable piece of knowledge to remember if I am being shot at: "Bullets don't have no eyes."

Join me as we learn from Chris Isaak the ins and outs of being caught in the crossfire as he recounts some very funny stories of his run-ins with the long arm of the law while riding his bike in Cleveland the other day. Unfortunately I can only find part of it online, but let's just reaffirm what you already know if you've ever seen Isaak live or watched his TV show: The man is funny. No, like seriously funny. It's the reason that I like him so much (well and maybe his edible good looks & suave musical stylings).

Wait, Cleveland?

On a bike?


If you ever get a chance to see the rest of it, he continued this story with one about how he pulled over to aid a motorist -- who turned out the be an officer of the law and sent Chris off on official police business in Golden Gate Park. Isaak says that he is such a do-gooder that him and Tom Cruise are going to start a club where they drive around and help civilians all day. I'd cop to that.


At August 22, 2006 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually some bullets do!



At August 23, 2006 1:13 PM, Blogger Dainon said...

I ought to tell you all about how my friend was arrested at a Chris Isaak concert someday. But now, any time one of his songs comes on the radio, she can't help but remember handcuffs. When mistaken identity goes awry!

Thanks for this. Very funny, he is. He's very good in concert, but even better at the banter.


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