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Thursday, May 11, 2006

New demos from Jesse Malin

These sound fantastic. Jesse Malin has been working on his third studio album (following The Fine Art of Self Destruction and The Heat) for what seems like an eternity. It will someday be released on Adeline Records, Billie Joe Armstrong's label, and if the sound of these tracks is any indication it will be a stunner (especially "Black Haired Girl" - I could listen to that one on repeat over and over again. It kind of seems like a very pleasing cross between Yorn and Mellencamp to me, on first impression).

Jesse has a unique voice that takes some getting used to -- like the first time I heard Neil Young -- but once it grows on you, I think you can appreciate his music for the richness it possesses. I saw Jesse open for Ryan Adams a few weeks ago and was impressed. Plus, I chatted with him a bit after his set and he was very heartfelt, very genuine (despite the sinister-sounding roots of his last name). Good traits in anyone.

Black Haired Girl (demo, radio rip) - Jesse Malin

Don't Let 'Em Take You Down (demo) - Jesse Malin



At May 12, 2006 8:34 AM, Anonymous daver from chicago said...

Once again, you're right on track with what I'm into. I haven't heard much from Jesse's second album, but I love "The Fine Art of Self-Destruction" -- especially "Queen of the Underworld" and "Brooklyn".

Thanks for the heads up!

At May 12, 2006 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heather -

Great pick! Jesse Malin is now one of my favorites. I have seen him play live about four times with two in VERY small settings (less than 50 people!) I have some rare stuff live performance somewhere. Have to look for them.

He is a good guy too. Cheers,

R - Ryan's Smashing Life!

At May 16, 2006 4:18 AM, Anonymous lism. said...

Dear Heather, once again you have made my life. I've barely been online of late, and I'll be holding my breath until I can download them and hear them.

I got into Jesse Malin through Ryan Adams, as I suppose so many people did, but at the time barely anybody had heard of him over here. I feel closer to him than most of my musical favourites for precisely this reason - give or take his Ryan Adams support slot and first-ever Glasgow show I have been there from the beginning, and at every Scottish date since (not including his Counting Crows support slot - I'm sorry; I know you love them ;). That was as much as eight times in 2004 (including T in the Park!)


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