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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Listen to the new Replacements songs

Rhino Records now has streaming audio samples of the two new Replacements tracks from the forthcoming Don't You Know Who I Think I Was: The Best Of The Replacements. Take a listen to the clips, I especially like Message To The Boys:

[stream] Message To The Boys - The Replacements

[stream] Pool & Dive - The Replacements

If these links don't work on your computer (it should pop up a window to play the clips in Quicktime), go to the main page to select a sound sample.

Also, according to the Men Without Ties fansite, The Jim Rome show will play both new songs in their entirety this Thursday, May 4. Both Paul and Tommy are scheduled to call in as well. For a list of stations that play the show, as well as online listening information, see here.

Don't You Know Who I Think I Was comes out June 13. Read my previous post on the news, or go download a whole bunch of Westerberg & Replacements rarities.

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