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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

World Music Wednesday

A million thanks to my Mexico City reader Mario for sending me some interesting stuff that is going on south of the border (where I wish I was heading for Spring Break like all you wild young'uns still in college). I was surprised at the depth and variety of the stuff he sent me, I will freely admit to having incorrect and one-dimensional mariachi stereotypes of Mexican music. I am now enlightened and am so enjoying this look at the music of the modern Mexican scene.

Mario writes to me:

"I would like to recommend some music from our local Rock Scene (well, I have to confess, they are from all Mexico, but our "scene" is still wearing diapers)…

Zoe. These guys are from Guadalajara - Jalisco, a state full of beautiful women and the cradle of all the “charro” culture, but this guys are have more influence from Blur, Placebo or The Pixies…if you want to know more about them check their site: www.zoetheband.com

Peace and Love - Zoe

Austin TV. Originally they were a rock-punk band, but they’ve changed their musical style… becoming an instrumental band. As they say, “We try to create a different style of music, taking as influence all the beautiful music we have the opportunity to listen to.”… Nowadays they sound more like a “dream-pop” band. www.austintv.org

Ella No Me Conoce - Austin TV
Olvide Decir Adios - Austin TV

Goma. A guy from Culiacán-Sinaloa…He is the spearhead of the lo-fi movement in Mexico. He says, “Goma's my nick name. In Spanish it means gum or gel or eraser. I've been called Goma by my friends since kindergarten. My parents never call me Goma, they don't like it. They like my name José Gabriel…”

Still I Wake Up In The Morning Thinking of You - Goma
(highly recommended!)

La Live Band. They are noisy, they are nasty… and one of the most energetic live bands I had ever seen… their site is still under heavy construction: http://www.happyfi.com/laliveband/

Baby Baby Baby - La Live Band
(what a great, fun song, slightly retro feel)

Los General Electrics.
Yes, I know… They sound like Massive Attack. I like them and they are very easy going guys, as is their music." www.myspace.com/losgeneralselectrics

Un Minuto Para Evacuar - Los General Electrics
(makes me feel like I am floating)

Muchas gracias, señor Mario. It's all eminently listenable, hip stuff. I appreciate hearing something new.



At March 16, 2006 10:39 AM, Anonymous mario said...

:)Thanks, I’m really touched.

By the way I loved the Pearl Jam post… specially the cover of the new album.

So short... so sweet.

Hey!... don’t forget to visit my “blog”, I recently posted a link to 13 bootlegs from 1992 to 2000… courtesy of the “indie surfer”.

Take care of you.


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