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Thursday, March 09, 2006

A few quickies

Just a few things that caught my attention this morning that you should check out:

**Download this mp3 of a podcast with Ryan Adams from the UK Times (thanks Aquarium Drunkard)

**You Ain't No Picasso is putting up a ton of covers that Yo La Tengo did the other day for a WFMU Benefit show. Lennon, Violent Femmes, Dylan, Byrds up now, Beach Boys, Replacements, Clash, Zombies, and even a little Hall & Oates coming soon. If you like Yo La Tengo, make haste to check them out.

**The town of Bristol, from whence hails Aardman Animations and Nick Park of Wallace & Gromit fame, is thinking of putting up a statue of the finger-waggling cheese-loving gent and his canine pal. This would be quite fun. I've loved these two since their animation short days, and the best Halloween costume I've ever seen was my bookish friends Kevin & Sabrina dressing as Wallace and Wendy.

I also read in Rolling Stone that the Queen stopped by the animation studios recently to see the whole claymation process. Nick Park says, "It was very surreal because I am used to seeing her on postage stamps."


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