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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Let's get Luce

I nearly just fell out of my chair when I stopped by the Luce website. Their sole tour date currently scheduled is a free show next month at the Air Force Academy, here in beautiful (but quiet) Colorado Springs. How'd I get so lucky? I am by now well-versed in the drive up to Denver or Boulder for shows. Now all you northerners can come down here!

Luce is the band of indepedent singer/songwriter Tom Luce, homegrown in the soil of local San Francisco radio station KFOG. Luce once said that he would feel successful if someday he could hear one of his songs on the radio while he was driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. He's there. Luce songs "Buy A Dog" and "Good Day" have been getting quite a bit of airplay on radio stations across the country, and for good reason. They've also been featured on The O.C., which I guess, you know, means that they've like totally *arrived* (or something like that).

Luce makes catchy, clean, sharp, melodic guitar rock, with just the right blend of ebullient brass & harmony. Luce cites Lennon & McCartney as influences, and it's hard to feel blue while you listen to this stuff. Luce has two albums out, their self-titled 2003 debut album, and their 2005 sophomore effort Neverending.

- "Amsterdam"
- "
The Sweetest Smile"
- "
Good Day" (acoustic)
- "
In The Middle There" live at Slim's in SF, 6/5/02

Check them out. And come to Colorado Springs next month, we'll all dance with the Air Force cadets to the sweet grooves.



At January 17, 2006 8:26 AM, Blogger Don't Need Anything said...

last night i went to band practice and our lead guitar player who is old enough to be my dad said he had a cd he wanted me to listen to - and brought out the latest luce cd. i hadnt heard them before and i dug it. so now here i am leaching all the tracks that you posted!


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