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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday morning...I'm coming home today

Hello dear readers. I am back from Phoenix, the land of sun and golf and old people and really cute new baby nephews. Here are a few odds and ends:

  • I replenished the links for the videos from the Ryan Adams post from the November concert (special request from Justin). It includes Hard Way To Fall, I See Monsters, Please Do Not Let Me Go, and Rescue Blues. See the original post (link above) for the videos.
  • I also refreshed the links to the first Monday Music Round-up (because Layne from London emailed to ask me to). There are some really good tracks on there, so I hope you get em and like em.

See, your wish is my command (within reason, eh?)


Here is a bonus laugh track, a cover of The Divinyls "I Touch Myself" live by The Bens (Folds, Lee and Kweller). Hey you know, that's actually a dirty little song, ain't it?

"I Touch Myself" - The Bens

Stay tuned for the Monday Music Roundup, some good stuff on the table.


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