...we've got the means to make amends. I am lost, I'm no guide, but I'm by your side. (Pearl Jam, Leash)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's actually called a weblog

My dad just called to ask how "writing for the webknob" was going.

That is awesome.


At December 21, 2005 11:49 PM, Blogger Chad said...

hehehe...i know the feeling. i tried to explain to my parents last week how the whole thing works and they were totally lost.

though, it should be noted, my dad has a top of the line IPOD nano, and i don't even have a discman. technology is wasted on the old. :)

At December 22, 2005 4:35 AM, Blogger JMH said...

Does that make us "knobbers"?

At December 22, 2005 9:32 AM, Blogger heather said...

ha, jmh. yes, we must be knobbers now.

At December 22, 2005 9:42 AM, Blogger Canowine said...

Knobbers in the knobosphere!

At December 23, 2005 7:11 AM, Anonymous Kristy said...

Dad is terrific! He takes so much interest in our lives, even if he does get the words wrong. : ) He tries to stay hip, too!

At December 23, 2005 8:28 AM, Blogger heather said...

I know, he is a wonderful dad. He took us to San Diego in high school just to see a Pearl Jam concert (we had to pay for our own airfare), and let us switch hotels last minute to stay at the same one as the band. I'm with the band, dude. My dad rocks. But that comment was too hilarious to pass up.

At June 07, 2006 10:00 PM, Anonymous powelldad said...

Hey? How could I ever be more blessed than to have three wonderful kids who are growing up to be such amazing people, and I still have opportunities to see them as often as I want? EACH of my wonderful kids is a delight to be with, and they keep me young. Of course, I keep them actually working on GROWING UP, which is what dads do! I mean.... someone's gotta do it!

They are awesome!



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