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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Let's spread the clap

Ah, the simple handclap. Think of all the feel-good joy it has added to your musical life. This underrated form of percussion gets its dues today on the Fuel blog.

You may not realize it, but many a song to which you say, "Oh! That is infectious good-time fun right there!" relies on the handclap to add a certain joie de vivre to it. Classic handclap songs include Jack & Diane (Mellencamp, John or John Cougar, not sure at that juncture in his career which he preferred) and, of course, who can forget Hall & Oates on Private Eyes (they're watching you)?

I have hand-selected (ooh, no pun intended) for you, my loyal readers, four more recent tracks which keep the handclap alive, just for fun. For your listening pleasure:

You're So Damn Hot, OK Go (love this band, more on them later)

When U Love Somebody, Fruit Bats

Shuffle Your Feet, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Hello Conscience, The Zutons

And I am not the only one thinking about handclaps lately. Check out Cokemachineglow's list of the Top Eight Uses of Handclaps in Pop Music.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my holiday music EXTRAVAGANZA! (sorry, no Kenny G). I've put together a nice little CD-length mix for you to take with you to gramma's house, or wherever this Christmas season takes you.


At August 16, 2007 1:24 PM, Anonymous Lin Wilde said...

"Hurry Up Let's Go" by The Shout Out Louds is another great hand-clapper.


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