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Friday, March 07, 2008

Crazy French guys, Stephen Malkmus, and the Great American Music Hall

One of the fangirl highlights of my Noisepopping this year was meeting some of the hilariously crazy French guys behind the La Bloqotheque site, home to those dizzyingly wonderful "Concerts A Emporter" (Take Away Shows), which feature exclusive content of musicians in random everyday settings playing their blessed little hearts out.

Whether it's The Shins on the springtime streets of Paris, The National nestled near a French chapel hidden up in the mountains, or Elvis Perkins serenading from an ornate lobby staircase, each of these is so wonderful that I anxiously await the next one. Therefore it was really hard not to gush like a moron when I met the pretty cool Vincent Moon (did you see his work on the new REM video?) and his enthusiastic associates (bonjour Chryde!).

My french language skills --yeah, not so much . . . but it looks like the Blogotheque team were busy bees during their week in San Francisco. I missed the show with Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks on Wednesday night, but look what they made for us! A montage of off-the-cuff R.E.M. covers, set to panoramic shots of one of the coolest live music venues in San Fran. Ridiculous:

Watch the rest of the Malkmus performances here, and what I can piece together of their other writing on the site almost makes me want to take a French class. Oui.

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At March 07, 2008 5:43 PM, Blogger Luke Mikalis said...

Ummm, The National performance is awesome...
For some reason the video reminds me of what I imagine it would be like to date Lisa Hannigan. I have this idea in my head that if you were her boyfriend you would always be eating by candlelight in caves with other artsy people and then she would pick up a guitar and sing songs.

At March 07, 2008 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait until you see the upcoming Priscilla Ahn Blogotheque videos...

At March 15, 2008 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I struggled along with my high school French for a while before I noticed that they have an English version! Of the video page, at least.



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