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Friday, May 05, 2006

Missy Higgins: "Scar"

If you find yourself susceptible to the charms of Frente! or Lisa Loeb, you will probably find yourself singing this catchy, catchy song heartily (or at least humming it) in your next shower, as I just finished doing.

I was recently reminded of Melbourne-based musician Missy Higgins when I was held captive last week in a tiny airplane seat and the DirectTV on the seatback in front of me played her music videos over and over (and over) again on the single free channel, which is all I watch because I am too cheap to pay for TV.

Now my first (shallow) impressions of Missy Higgins revolved around her first name, which I find ingratiating, although I suppose that is not her fault -- but doesn't it sound like it should be prefaced with the word "little"? Snarky comments aside (sorry!), she was discovered in 2001 as a high school student whose song "All For Believing" won a radio station contest sponsored by national alternative adult station Triple J, and was also picked up early on by LA's KCRW.

Last year I know I saw her open for someone, maybe Ray LaMontagne? I was so blinded by the fabulousness of Ray that I forget for sure. But I do remember that Higgins was plucky and earnest and played all her own instruments (piano and guitar). She definitely had that likability factor, and I find that I am absolutely unable to resist the charm of this pop song:

"Scar" - Missy Higgins

She's got some tour dates coming up at neat venues, including Seattle's Crocodile Cafe, LA's Roxy, and London's KOKO.


At May 07, 2006 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We did see Missy with Ray Lamontagne, because I remember her powerful voice and amazing ability at the piano. I actually bought her album, the All for Believing EP. My favorite song on it is "Any Day Now." Although it's a sad song about a relationship coming to an end, her lyrics about wondering when that will be ("if you know the answer, tell me now, and I'll write up a calendar for our countdown. . .") are haunting and leave me with chills every time I listen to it.


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