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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Moves like a shadow across my skin

So everytime I have a U2 question, I turn to c, who runs the awesome (and funny) Scatter O' Light blog. She always knows the answer, it's uncanny. So I approached her last week with this lovely little U2 gem "Slow Dancing" that a friend added to my musical rotation last year, but that I didn't know the provenance of. She encyclopedically informed me that U2 wrote the song for Willie Nelson, and that there are a couple of versions floating around:

  • A studio version with Willie Nelson singing
  • A studio version with Bono singing from 1993 (Zooropa b-side)
  • An acoustic version of Bono singing it on an Australian radio show ("and it is just so very hot," she adds)

I sent her the one I have for diagnostics (and it is option b). In return she sent me back the other versions I didn't have, including this really lovely one (option a, with Willie Nelson on lead vocals). It is rustic and smoky, Willie singing lead with Bono in the background, gently reverberating guitars and a late-coming lonely harmonica.

Slow Dancing - Willie Nelson (with Bono)

C also put together the other versions on her blog today; it's a concerted effort on our part to thoroughly cover all facets of the topic. Check her stuff out.

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At April 02, 2006 4:28 PM, Blogger Jennings said...

Great song . . . thanks.


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