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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

(Sort of) new from Matt Costa

I was a little confused when I read in the slew of new releases today that 23 year-old acoustic songster Matt Costa was listed as releasing his "new" album Songs We Sing, since this is, in fact, the same title & cover art as his mellow & pleasant independent 2005 release.

So, after some investigative sleuthing I have deduced that this is the re-release of his first album on Brushfire Records. It is apparently remastered, partially re-mixed and with a new track listing. So, if you've never checked him out before, now you can get the new improved version (and who, in today's consumer culture, doesn't like that?). See, you never even knew what you were missing.

One reviewer wrote, "Costa's songs hark back to an age when singer-songwriters were happy to perform, bare their souls and if anyone bought their records, well, that was jolly nice. Costa's output is emotive without being too... emotional, as on the heart-achingly beautiful 'Astair.' His layered vocal harmonies on tracks such as 'Sunshine' recall the halcyon days of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and the boy can also rock, as on 'Sweet Thursday' or the mid-tempo'd and haunting 'Yellow Taxi.'"

I like this guy's sincere acoustic vibe. I featured "Sunshine" on a Monday Music Round-Up back in January. Here are live versions of 3 of the four new songs that are on the new release. These are from a great show at El Cid in Los Angeles on 8/7/05. It is soundboard quality, I do believe.

Sweet Thursday - Matt Costa

These Arms - Matt Costa

Ballad of Miss Kate - Matt Costa



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