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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Welcome to my mind

So, why am I creating a blog? I don't even know if I can support that word, in keeping with how I generally tend to feel about hip new slang words that inevitably work their way into the mainstream media and then middle-aged people try to pick up and use and then I have to explain to them what they mean ("NO, dad, blog, not blob. Short for weblog...nevermind!")

But I was thinking that there are things in my brain that need to come out in some form, to be shared with and loved by the general world, my friends in particular. :) Too many of you I don't see often enough, or talk to, so welcome to my little e-world. There is stuff I think is interesting, funny, cool. I hope this can be a place to send friends to hear the latest song that is blowing my mind, or to read about my recent making a fool of myself, bands you should go see live when they are in your neck of the woods, or to hear a funny story that I want to pass along.

So enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.


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